UChicago-HKU Global Partnership Fund

We are pleased to announce the third Call for Proposals for the University of Chicago (UChicago)—University of Hong Kong (HKU) Global Partnership Fund. Applications are now invited from eligible members of both universities.

In August 2016, UChicago and HKU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a desire to develop a collaborative arrangement, whereby the Institutions may participate in collaborative teaching, training, research and other agreed activities that further enhance the relationship between the institutions.

Faculty members at both universities are welcome to submit proposals.

Details & Conditions

  1. Awards will range from $5,000 to $25,000. The maximum award funded by the two universities for each proposal is $25,000. This amount is a 50:50 match between the two institutions. Additional internal matching from departments/deans to indicate alignments with these units as well as from external partners to maximize knowledge dissemination and implementation is strongly encouraged.
  2. The scope of the proposal may include, but is not limited to, organizing conferences and workshops to promote sharing of ideas; particularly welcome are planning and brainstorming workshops to facilitate the development of proposals for collaborative international projects.

Application Process

  1. The proposal should be no more than 3 pages and cover the following:
    a. Names, affiliations, and full contact information of main organizers and participants
    b. Description of the proposed activity, including aims, significance, and rationale
    c. Clearly-defined outcome measures with follow-on activities
    d. Period and timeline of the proposed activities
    e. Estimated budget for the proposed activities
  2. Each proposal will be reviewed by a group comprising academic staff and administrative officers from both universities, on the basis of merit, rationale, creativity, consistency with the intended objectives of the scheme, budget, sustainabiolity, and impact.
  3. The submission deadline for this cycle is October 2, 2018. Proposals should be sent via email to both HKU (VPglobal@hku.hk) and UChicago (global@uchicago.edu).