Yuen Research Funding

We are pleased to announce a new call for proposals for collaborative research and academic forums to be conducted at the Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The Francis and Rose Yuen University of Chicago Campus in Hong Kong or in the Greater Bay Area.

Faculty at UChicago have long striven to address the most important global challenges through research and scholarship. In recent years, Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area have emerged as important players in addressing these global challenges. This is largely due to Hong Kong’s historical role as a service center and financial hub in Asia and its geographic connectivity to the dynamic industrial and technological engine of southern China. These characteristics converge to place the Greater Bay Area at the nexus of rapid technological and sociological change.

As an eminent research institution, the University of Chicago has a unique opportunity to leverage its new regional base in Hong Kong and direct its collective expertise toward researching trends and phenomena precipitated by this great change. By partnering with local institutions, the University can simultaneously work to enrich lives and explore new avenues for academic excellence.

Yuen Research Grants

The Yuen Research Grants will directly fund research around themes most relevant to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (see list below). Proposals must involve collaborative work in the Greater Bay Area with a local partner institution which works to describe the region and the current trends playing out there, although we welcome research producing widely applicable insights. Preference will be given to work whose preliminary findings will become available within 18 months.

Yuen Research Academic Forums

Yuen Research Academic Forums will provide faculty the opportunity to engage with local collaborators via academic conferences and workshops. These events should represent more advanced research initiatives based around themes most relevant to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (see list below). Cost sharing with local partners and collaborating institutions is required. Conference proposals should include discussion of the potential for future collaboration.

Both Yuen Research Grants and Yuen Research Academic Forums should be based around the 8 key themes identified as most important to the Greater Bay Area:

  • Early Childhood
  • Aging
  • Innovation
  • Business and Economics
  • Cities and Environment
  • Health and Healthcare
  • Data Science
  • Culture and the Arts

Please follow the submission instructions as indicated on the UChicago Funding Portal (http://fundingopportunities.uchicago.edu). Budget templates will also be provided as part of the submission process through the portal.  Each proposal should include: names and affiliations of main organizers/participants (from the University and other institutions); discussion of aims, significance, and rationale; expected timeline; and preliminary budget.

Our current resources may require us to offer less than what is asked for in some proposals, and allow us to consider awarding upwards of USD $100,000 as our contribution to any one project. We welcome proposals requesting any amount up to that maximum and for every proposal we urge applicants to seek appropriate sources of additional funding.  Faculty will be asked to include additional funding sources in the application.

Proposals must be sponsored by at least one person holding a current academic appointment at the University of Chicago, although collaborative cross-institutional teams are encouraged. Current members of the review committee are eligible to apply, provided that they recuse themselves during the review and voting on their proposal.

Proposals focusing on student activities must be submitted by faculty members directly supervising the students, and awards cannot support graduate student research that is coextensive with ongoing doctoral dissertation work.

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis through 2019 for projects up to 24 months, although those which can begin activities in Summer and Fall 2019 will receive priority consideration.

Proposals and budgets will be reviewed on a rolling basis by a faculty committee using the following criteria:

  • originality and intellectual significance
  • collaborative research, including appropriate support from partners in the region, and with the potential to lead to ongoing collaboration
  • well-designed research, likely to succeed in reaching its goals
  • reasonable and well-justified budgets
  • beneficial outcomes for both the University of Chicago community and the community in the Greater Bay Area

UChicago Global will administer the application and review process and provide guidance as needed. The campus in Hong Kong will provide assistance in planning and managing the logistics for selected projects, including communications and access to campus facilities. Funded projects must submit a mid-point progress report, a final report assessing the projects’ success and impact upon completion and a final financial report. Reporting must be received at the end of the quarter in which the project was completed.

For information about past and upcoming activities at the University of Chicago’s campus in Hong Kong, please visit https://www.uchicago.hk. Faculty and researchers receiving this invitation are encouraged to distribute this call for proposals to other members of the University community. If you require any additional guidance, please reach out to Kate Moore, Senior Associate Director for Global Initiatives and Strategy, at katemoore@uchicago.edu.