UChicago Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented time in history. People around the world have already directly or indirectly experienced some level of change in their lives. The impact on relationships, finances, health care, and national economies has been swift, unpredictable and devastating for families and communities.

The UChicago Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History Project (“CCHP”) seeks to document this monumental global change. Armed with mobile phones, cameras, video and sound recording technologies, the CCHP plans to mobilize UChicago alumni, current students, parents, staff, friends and the general community to crowdsource historical change.

Engage the UChicago Community to document and share their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How We Intend to Use This Information:
Submitted material will be used to help the UChicago Community understand your experiences, feelings and reactions during COVID-19. Crowdsourced materials may be used to create a video documentary, a curated photo exhibition, or even a book to be shared at future UChicago events.

Wear your UChicago maroon to document your personal history or bring family and friends together and record yourself during this extraordinary time.

Submission to Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History Project  

Submission Guidelines and FAQ

  • Students, alumni, parents, staff and faculty of the UChicago community may submit.
  • Submissions will only be accepted by adults 18 years or older.
  • Contributions can be made as an individual or as a group.
  • Submission materials can be in the form of image, video, audio or text.
  • Themes for submission can be related to:
    • Life changes
    • Lighthearted moments
    • UChicago community
    • Post-COVID-19 hopes
    • Post-COVID-19 fears
    • Ideas for post-pandemic future
  • Upload a maximum of 5 files of any listed formats. For more than 5 files, please refresh the webpage to upload.
  • Files may not exceed 100MB. For files over 100MB, please contact us at covid-19history@uchicago.edu  for file submission assistance.
  • Please do not upload any zipped files.
  • PDF files are acceptable but not preferred for images.
  • Please do not submit PDF files for text.
  • Please note that files once uploaded can only be replaced with another file, but cannot be deleted.

Your material will be used in the future to help the UChicago Community to understand your experiences during COVID-19. This may be in the form of a documentary, curated photo exhibition, or other method.

Feel free to use any language that you are most comfortable in or you believe is most relevant for your content.

If you have further questions you may also email covid-19history@uchicago.edu.

By submitting your story and its associated elements (the “Story”) to The University of Chicago Foundation in Hong Kong Limited and the University of Chicago (together, UChicago), you acknowledge and agree that UChicago may, at its sole discretion, use the Story as part of a collection of stories (the “Collection”) for the UChicago Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History Project and other UChicago non-commercial purposes. You also grant UChicago a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, sublicensable, and royalty-free license to use, perform research, reproduce, publish, publicly perform, broadcast, publicly display, excerpt, abridge from, and distribute, in whole or in part, the Story, including your name in association with the Story, in any manner or form, and in any and all media now known or hereafter developed, in connection with or furtherance of the Collection. The Story may be transferred to third parties subject to the terms and conditions herein.  You waive all common law and statutory rights of publicity and privacy, moral rights, and any other rights that you may have with respect to the Story. You also acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership rights in the Collection and will receive no compensation for the use of your Story.

Submissions can only be made by adults aged 18 years or older. Stories by minors under the age of 13 may not be submitted. Stories submitted by minors between the ages of 13 and 17 years old may only be submitted by the minor’s parent or legal guardian. Please do not provide any personal contact information for any minor under the age of 18.

UChicago reserves the right to remove content that it considers duplicative, inappropriate, or outside the scope of this project. UChicago is not obligated to include your content in this project or preserve it in perpetuity.

Please only submit photographic, audio, or video material which you own or have created.

Click here for the Privacy Notice of The University of Chicago Foundation in Hong Kong Limited.

For questions regarding these terms and conditions or for requests to access your Story after it has been submitted, please contact: covid-19history@uchicago.edu.