UChicago Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History:



“Unprecedented” was the word of 2020. The global community has experienced, directly or indirectly, some level of change in their lives. COVID-19’s impact on relationships, finances, health care, national economies and personal lives has been swift, unpredictable and devastating for families and communities. The UChicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong started to document this monumental global change from the end of June, 2020.

With the generous contributions from UChicago alumni, current students, parents, staff and friends from 14 locations, we have collected over photos, write-ups and close to 700 minutes of interview contents in 8 month's time. The topics covered range from art, economics, education and medicine, alongside with anecdotes on the pandemic’s effect on careers, personal lives, life milestones, and most importantly, hopes for the future. Through this crowdsourcing project, we have compiled a collection of stories to share here:

Yuen Campus Hong Kong sincerely thanks all the CCHP contributors for their support and time spent in sharing their stories. Special thanks to Gigi Yan (Project Coordination & Website Publishing), Yiva Wong and Yik Chow (Creative & Video Editing) for their contributions to the production of the UChicago Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History Project.