100YLA Online Conversation Series: Where Do We Go from Here? Innovation and Opportunities [LIVE Webinar]

8:30–9:30 pm
Zoom Webinar [LIVE]


100 Year Lives in Asia (100YLA)

Life expectancy in Asia has increased significantly from 1955 to 2020. In many Asian societies, centenarians are still celebrated, but they are no longer a rarity. Society and government policies have not been designed around the expectation that people will live to 100. Education, career, family, financial security and many other topics will be explored in the 100YLA series to address the many changing needs people and their families have as they prepare to live longer lives.

COVID-19 has brought many consequences for young and old within their communities. The 100YLA series will discuss 100 year lives in the context of a world facing a COVID-19 future.

Kathleen Cagney, Professor of Sociology of the University of Chicago, will invite experts from Asia and the U.S. to discuss the phenomenon, implications, challenges and opportunities for an aging population in Asia.

Episode 7: Where Do We Go from Here? Innovation and Opportunities

On the final episode of 100 Year Lives in Asia, Kathleen Cagney, Ph.D. leads a dialogue with Erwin Huang, Ph.D., Robert Gertner, Ph.D., and Ai Sakata about the effects an aging population has on market innovations and opportunities within the workforce. Professor Huang launches the conversation by sharing ideas discussed by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott in their self-help book, The 100-Year Life. He reveals a surprising phenomenon in Japan: instead of settling into a single role, many of those nearing retirement age are continuing to explore career paths and are actively learning new skills. Professor Gertner follows with observations on innovation and aging populations from a social entrepreneurship perspective. He raises questions regarding uncertainties for those approaching retirement and how to incentivize those past standard retirement ages to continue contributing meaningful and productive work. Ms. Sakata concludes by sharing insights on older populations both as consumers in a market and as members of a workforce. She discusses new technologies marketed for elderly populations and provides an example of how companies are developing solutions that enable older people to work. Finally, our experts come together to share personal experiences and contribute their thoughts on evolving career opportunities and innovative technologies for aging populations.


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  • Professor Kathleen Cagney
    Chair of 100 Year Lives in Asia
    Professor of Sociology and the College
    The University of Chicago
  • Professor Robert Gertner
    Joel F. Gemunder Professor of Strategy and Finance
    John Edwardson Faculty Director Rustandy Center For Social Sector Innovation
    The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Professor Erwin Huang
    Associate Professor
    Senior Advisor
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Ms Ai Sakata
    Expert in Silver Economy and Gerontology