2017 Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Workshop PET, PET/CT, & PET/MRI Update

All day
UChicago Center in Hong Kong
Level 6, Cyberport Two, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong


Preliminary Program

Day 1: July 14: The University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong

Georges El Fakhri, PhD, MGH/Havard
“Quantitative PET/MR for in vivo Mapping of Molecular Physiology”

Garrett Ho, MD, HK Sanatorium & Hospital
“Gaps and Differences between Research and Clinical Applications in Medical Imaging” 

Yongfeng Yang, PhD, Shenzhen Inst. of Ad. Tech (SIAT)
“PET Scanner Development with Depth Encoding Detectors”

Kun-Ju Lin, MD, PhD, ChangGung M. Hospital (CGMH)
“Molecular Imaging for Vascular Dementia”

Ed X. Wu, PhD, Hong Kong University (HKU)
“What PET/MR Can Contribute to Baic Neuroscience ?”

Greta Mok, PhD, University of Macau (UM)
“Voxel-based Internal Dosimetry for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy”

Chien-Min Kao, PhD, University of Chicago (UChicago)
“Recent Progresses on Stripline Based Readout for TOF and MR Compatible PET Detectors”

Chaoyong Tian, Huazhong Univ. of Sci. Tech (HUST)
“PET Detectors Employing Stripline Based Readout and MVT Digitizers”

Xianming Zhang, SIAT
“Performance of A SiPM Based Semi-Monolithic Scintillator PET Detector”

Wenjiang Yang, PhD, Inst. of High Energy Physics (IHEP) 
“Recent Advances in Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Imaging at IHEP”

Panel Discussion and Presentations at HKU 
Ed Wu, PhD (Univ. of Hong Kong) Welcome and Opening Remarks
5:05pm Georges El Fakhri, PhD (MGH/Harvard) PET/MRI in Medicine and Biology
5:20pm Chien-Min Kao, PhD (Univ. of Chicago) PET Inserts for Hybrid PET/MR Imaging
5:35pm Chin-Tu Chen, PhD (Univ. of Chicago) Radio-NanoTheranostics for Hybrid PET/MR Imaging
5:50pm Panel Discussion

Moderator: Ed Wu, PhD (Univ. of Hong Kong)
Panelists: Garrett Ho, MD (Hong Kong Sanitorium & Hospital)
Kun-Ju Lin, MD, PhD (Linko Chang Gung Memorial Hospital)
Georges El Fakhri, PhD (MGH/Harvard)
Chien-Min Kao, PhD (Univ. of Chicago)
Chin-Tu Chen, PhD (Univ. of Chicago)

The development of the combined PET/MR imaging technologies has been on-going for nearly two decades. The routine clinical uses of the hybrid PET/MR scanners in practice have also been in place for nearly 10 years. However, in contrast to the phenomenal success of PET/CT’s nearly total adaption into the routine clinical practice in a relatively short time, the evolution of PET/MR in clinical and research applications seems to be taking a much slower pace. This Mini-Workshop will examine this developing hybrid imaging modality from three perspectives: medicine and biology, physics and instrumentation, and imaging chemistry and molecular nanoprobes. In addition to a brief presentation outlining select key elements of each of these perspectives, two imaging physicians who have had extensive experiences in using PET/MR in clinics and three imaging scientists who have been involved in PET/MR research and development will explore and deliberate various views on hybrid PET/MR imaging’s past, present, and future.

Day 2: July 15: China Spallation Neutron Sources/IHEP/CAS in Dongguan, Guangdong

Long Wei, PhD, IHEP
“Overview of IHEP Radiographic Techniques and Instruments”

Qingguo Xie, PhD, HUST
“The Development of All-Digital PET at HUST”

Jiang Li, PhD, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics/CAS
“Fabrication and Scintillation Properties of LuAG:Ce/Pr Optical Ceramics”

Changlu Fu, PhD, CETC No. 26 Research Institute
“The Research Progress of Garnet Structure Crystal and Its Application in PET/CT”

Qian Yang, SIAT
“A Depth-Encoding PET Detector Using Light Sharing and Single-Ended Readout with SiPM”

Zhonghua Kuang, SIAT
“Development of Depth Encoding Small Animal PET Detectors by Using Dual-Ended Readout of Pixelated Scintillator Arrays with SiPMs”

Xiaopan Jiang, PhD, IHEP
“The Development of Detector Technique Based on CZT at IHEP”

Anjiang Zhao, HUST
“A Multi-Channel Device for Scintillation Crystal Testing”

Shuangquan Liu, PhD, IHEP
“Fast Generation Method of PSF-Based System Matrix for PET Reconstruction”

Chin-Tu Chen, PhD, (UChicago)
“RadioNanoTheranostics in Molecular Imaging and Therapy”

Discussion & Planning on Collaborations


University of Chicago (UChicago) Pritzker School of Medicine
University of Chicago (UChicago) Center in Hong Kong


The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST)
The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology


*By invitation only*

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