2019 Workshop on Advancement and Challenges of Biological CryoEM

Advances in the integration of hardware (electron microscope and direct electron detector) and software (image analysis) have revolutionized cryoEM for the visualization of macromolecules and their complexes. This Workshop will address key recent developments in the field and discuss new challenges and potential solutions in biological cryo-electron microscopy. An important goal of this inaugural workshop is to foster discussion and research collaboration in the biological and biomedical sciences, particularly in Hong Kong, China and Asia. To encourage participation, the workshop will be held the day after the GRC Conference on three-dimension electron microscopy in Hong Kong, which is the premier cryoEM meeting.

Information and registration for the workshop can be found at: http://memprotein.org/cryoem-workshop/ 

There is no registration fee for the participants. The number of spaces available is limited so please register early.