The Art of Literal Articulation: Translation Manuscripts of Jin Ping Mei & Xiyou Ji

Through March 31, 2019
The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong
The Lee Family Reception, G/F, Block A, 168 Victoria Road, Mount Davis, Hong Kong

Nov. 30

The exhibition features the set of translation manuscripts of Jin Ping Mei and Xiyou Ji by two University of Chicago professors who distinguished themselves in the difficult art of translation are recognized here: David Tod Roy (1933-2016) and Anthony C. Yu (1938-2015). Their versions of Jin Ping Mei and Xiyou Ji, requiring decades of work, have been greeted as vivid additions to the canon of literature in English and unequaled means of access to the thought and society of premodern China. As well as supplying faithful and stylish renditions of the often difficult original language, Professors Yu and Roy transformed the critical understanding of these works, emphasizing the syncretic religious allegory of Xiyou Ji and the moral dimension of Jin Ping Mei.  The work of these two distinguished colleagues stands as an emblem of the Chicago style of intense scholarly engagement directed toward the understanding of China.  We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Hye-jin Juhn, Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame to make this exhibition successful.

Curated by
Zhou Yuan, Curator of the East Asia Collection, Regenstein Library, University of Chicago
Haun Saussy, Department of Comparative Literature, University of Chicago

Organized by
East Asia Collection and Special Collections, The Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago