Calculus Accreditation Exam

9:30 am–12:30 pm
UChicago Center in Hong Kong
Level 6, Cyberport 2
100 Cyberport Road
Hong Kong


For students who have taken Calculus, our most accurate means of finding the correct placement is the Calculus Accreditation Exam. This is a serious exam that covers all of single-variable Calculus, in both its theoretical and practical aspects, plus elements of multivariable Calculus including partial derivatives and multiple integrals (though not, for example, vector Calculus such as line integrals). It is designed to correlate with coursework offered at Chicago, and we put great stock in its ability to find the right mathematics placement for our students. It is a paper exam administered over the summer before matriculation, and it should be taken only by students who expect to be able to demonstrate a mastery of some significant portion of the subject. 

Throughout June and July, the College will offer a number of testing dates and locations around the US and abroad. Students may sign-up to take the Calculus Accreditation Exam at any of these locations. There is no fee to take the exam at one of our proctored locations.

Space will be limited, so please RSVP well in advance to secure your place.

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