China On The Move

Yuen Campus Series: China On The Move

The geopolitical and economic environment of the world is changing rapidly as China continues to emerge as a regional and global superpower.

China On The Move is a program developed by the University of Chicago Yuen Campus Hong Kong to provide objective academic insights into current events shaping China and its future as a global actor with a depth that deadline-driven media - whether state-controlled or private - cannot match. Our UChicago scholars and their guests will share their deep expertise and interpret contemporary events from historical, social, political, economic and other perspectives to provide a balanced view of China.

Join China On The Move to learn more about what’s really happening within China and whether those events will continue to shape all of our lives.

China On The Move Mini-Series: China Real Estate Schedule

Episode & Date Topic
Episode 1 - November 2 Evergrande and Beyond: Debt, Development and Chinese Society 恆大危機
Episode 2 - TBC TBC