Conference on Comparative Perspectives of Early Modern Theater

All day
Through June 23, 2018
UChicago Center in Hong Kong

Level 6, Cyberport 2
100 Cyberport Road
Hong Kong

Jun. 19

Principal Organizer:

Juan Pablo Gil-Osle (Associate Professor of Spanish, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University)


Frederick de Armas (Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Service Professor in the Humanities, Spanish Literature, and Comparative Literature, University of Chicago)
Stephen H. West 奚如谷 (Foundation Professor of Chinese, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University; & Louis Agassiz Professor of Chinese, Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley)


Tuesday, June 19
Preliminary visit to the University of Chicago Hong Kong Center, 10:30 am.

Wednesday, June 20
Lantau Island Tour (10:00 – 18:00)

Thursday, June 21
10:00 am Opening
                Kitty Chong, Frederick de Armas, Stephen West, Juan Pablo Gil-Osle

10:30 am Session 1. Ming and Habsburg Theaters I
Chair: Frederick de Armas
                Speakers: 許玉枝 Carmen Hsu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)
                                 奚如谷 Stephen West, Arizona State University
                                 陸歡 Juan Pablo Gil-Osle, Arizona State University (USA)

12:00 pm Lunch 

13:00 pm Session 2. Ming and Habsburg Theaters II
                Chair: Juan Pablo Gil-Osle
                Speakers: Frederick A. de Armas, University of Chicago (USA)
                                 Carmela V. Mattza Su, Louisiana State University (USA)
                                 Matthew G. Ancell, Brigham Young University (USA)

14:30 pm Coffee Break

14:45 pm Session 3. From China to Japan and the Philippines
                Chair: John Beusterien
                Speakers: Victorino M. Manalo, National Archives of the Philippines (Philippines)
                                 Claudia Mesa Higuera, Moravian College (USA)

15:45 pm Session 4. Beyond the Ming Dynasty
                Chair: Carmen Hsu
                Speakers: Enrique García Santo-Tomás, University of Michigan (USA)
                                 John Beusterien, Texas Tech University (USA)
                                 Javier Rubiera, University of Montreal (Canada)

18:00 pm Dinner
                 Golden Lilies Banquet, Cyberport                  

Friday, June 22
10:00 am Session 5. Imaging the Great Kingdom
                Chair: Matthew G. Ancell
                Speakers: Diego Sola, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)
                                 Jorge Abril Sánchez, University of New Hampshire-Durham (USA)

11:00 am Coffee Break

11:15 am Session 6. Performing Chinese Culture in Spanish Plays
               Chair: Bruce Burningham  
                Speakers: Alejandro González Puche, Universidad del Valle, Cali (Colombia)
                                 馬政紅 Ma Zhenghong, Universidad del Valle, Cali (Colombia)
                                 María José Domínguez, Arizona State University (USA)

12:45 pm Lunch

13:15 pm Session 7. Habsburg Theater
                Chair: Enrique García Santo-Tomas
                Speakers: Gibran Araújo de Souza, Arizona State University  (USA)
                                 Jonathan Crissman, Arizona State University  (USA)

14:45 pm Coffee Break

15:00 pm Session 8. Habsburg Theater and Beyond
                Chair: Javier Rubiera
                Speakers: Bruce Burningham, Illinois State University (USA)
                                 白一葦 Alexander Benninger, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)
                                 劉瓊云 Liu Chiung-yun, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy Academia Sinica (Taiwan)

18:00 pm Dinner
                Geyre Organic Fusion Bar
                G/F, Floral House, 69 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Saturday & Sunday, June 23 & 24
Trip to Macau (optional)

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