Public Talk on Interactive Viewing of Paintings and Sculptures with Digital Imaging Technologies

7:00–8:30 pm
The University of Hong Kong
Run Run Shaw Tower
Centennial Campus


Digital technology has made possible major innovations in the use of digital images for teaching and research. The talk introduces the imaging technologies that the CAEA at the UChicago has used and invented for interactive viewing of paintings and sculptures from Chinese Buddhist cave sites that make them more fully and widely accessible than in the past. It discusses the gathering and archiving of information and the creating of websites for sharing the results of research projects. These projects enable new perspectives on works of art and visual culture, including reconstruction and reinterpretation of historical sites and traditional viewing practices for materials that are now no longer intact or that are widely dispersed and not readily accessible. They compile and reassemble fragmented, scattered materials in ways that offer new kinds of knowledge for further analytical study.

Join us at the coming public lecture by Professor Katherine Tsiang, Associate Director of Center for the Art of East Asia of UChicago, to learn more about these.