Evergrande and Beyond: Debt, Development and Chinese Society 恆大危機

8:00–9:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

Organizer: UChicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong


Breaking news of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande’s more than $300 billion USD debt has hovered over global financial markets since early this fall. Evergrande’s cash crunch has become its corporate bond investors’ nightmare.

If China’s real estate bubble bursts, it may pose enormous consequences for home prices, the banking industry, vendors the personal net worth and housing prospects of Chinese citizens and for the broader global financial community. Financial contagion could significantly erode investor confidence in China.

Our expert panel will discuss the history and social dynamics that have shaped China’s real estate market, the nature of the current bubble, implications for both private and public finance, and possible fallout from the Evergrande crisis –within China and beyond. 

What’s the fate of Evergrande going to be? Will this crisis become the Chinese version of “Lehman Brother’s”? Will a collapse in Chinese real estate allow China to revamp the real estate industry under the new campaign for “common prosperity”? Or, will the current situation be contained? What are the implications for ordinary Chinese and “the Chinese model” going forward? Tune in to hear insights from our experts. And stay tuned for follow-up panel on related topics, coming in January.

November 2, 2021
9:00pm      Japan | South Korea
8:00pm      Hong Kong | Beijing | Singapore
5:30pm       Delhi
1:00pm       Paris
12:00pm     London
7:00am      Chicago


Meg Rithmire
F. Warren McFarlan Associate Professor
Business, Government, and the International Economy
Harvard Business School
Harvard University

Zhiwu Chen
Chair of Finance
Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics
The University of Hong Kong

Dinny McMahon
Global fellow
Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars


Kenneth Pomeranz
Faculty Director
The University of Chicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong


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