Hong Kong Memories: Miniatures & Photographs of Old Hong Kong Streetscapes 香港回憶:香港舊街景縮影及照片

All day
Through May 15, 2023
The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong

UChicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong
168 Victoria Road, Mount Davis
Hong Kong

Organizer: UChicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong

Dec. 13


The University of Chicago Hong Kong and two unique local organizations will present old Hong Kong visually. Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the exhibition will feature 1960s miniature replicas of buildings from Wind Concept Art & Culture Association, its first public display.  We will also feature AI-enabled colorized images from the 20th century contributed by OldHKinColour. Through these colorful historical pictures and miniatures, the bricks and stones of Hong Kong architecture, culture, and history will bring the past to life.

Exhibition Partner:

OldHKinColour (oldhkincolour.org) focuses on colorizing and animating old Hong Kong photos by using artificial intelligence and post-editing techniques with a view to promoting public education through history. (Exhibited Image and video list)

Wind Concept Art & Culture Association strives to promote art and cultural conservation through the efforts of Mr. Daniel Wong Wing Fai since 2018.  In 2021, the old Hong Kong miniature project was launched by Mr. Eric Yung and Miss Kay Kan, who hand-crafted a set of nostalgic 1960s Hong Kong buildings.

Regular Exhibition

December 13, 2022, to May 15, 2023 (available from Tuesday to Saturday, except public holidays)


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*We will continue to monitor the situation of Covid-19 and review our arrangements. Please stay tuned to our website (https://heritage.uchicago.hk/) for the latest updates.



OldHKinColour (oldhkincolour.org) 致力利用人工智能和後製技術,將香港舊照片彩色化,並添加動態效果,以期推動公眾歷史教育。(展出圖片及視頻表單)



20221213 – 2023515(星期二到星期六,公共假期除外)




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