Hong Kong Redux

Yuen Campus Series: Hong Kong Redux

Hong Kong has experienced a tremendous metamorphosis over the last 100 years. As Hong Kong earned its mega-city and financial center status in Asia, Hong Kongers, and others who lived through its rapid transformation, often reflect on Hong Kong’s rich history.

In Post-World War II Hong Kong, many forms of culture flourished. A political, literary and artistic community formed the basis of Hong Kong’s cultural scene. Deep relationships formed in Hong Kong of the 1950s and some key influencers remained to shape the cultural landscape of Hong Kong. Others continued their journey to become leading diaspora throughout Asia and the West.

The new series, Hong Kong Redux shares a glimpse into Hong Kong’s cultural past beginning with the series opener “Bird Talk – A Discussion of Xu Xu’s Life and Works” and continues throughout the fall as we share a look back and feature expert discussions on the arts Chinese Opera/Music, Film, Literature, Radio and more. We’ll also be hosting two exhibitions to help create the visual ethos for our collective remembrance for this amazing city.

Join us as we revisit Hong Kong of the 1950s and beyond.

Art and Photographic Exhibitions

Hong Kong Redux Series Schedule

Date Topic
September 3, 2020 Bird Talk – A Discussion of Xu Xu’s Life and Works in Translation
November 12, 2020 The Hong Kong Resettlement Programme: 1950-1972
November 19, 2020 Wucius Wong’s Innovations in Ink - Capturing Quintessential Hong Kong
December 17, 2020 The Intersection between Cantonese Opera and Hong Kong Cinema
December 18, 2021 Hong Kong Invaded, 1941: A History Through Interactive Maps |1941年香港戰役空間史研究
June 30, 2022 Marking 1997 – Reflections 25 Years On