Interventional Radiology Practice in the United States and East Asia

Through January 20, 2018
​UChicago Center in Hong Kong
Level 6, Cyberport 2
100 Cyberport Road
Hong Kong

Jan. 19

Conference Summary

The seminar will bring together The University of Chicago Medicine Department of Radiology, the Hong Kong College of Radiologists, and Departments of Radiology from China, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan to explore local differences in factors that affect the performance of Interventional Radiology and Interventional Neuroradiology procedures in order to implement an effective quality program that addresses issues related to Quality and Patient Safety. We look to draw attention to the differences in local practice guidelines to performing procedures; to share some of the lessons learned by the different hospitals; and to support hospitals in the development of protocols, credentialing standards and other processes to ensure the safety of Interventional Radiology procedures. There will also be a session of Extreme IR where difficult cases are described and novel approaches discussed.


Thuong VAN HA, MD
Department of Radiology
The University of Chicago Medicine

Seon-Kyu LEE, MD PhD
Department of Radiology
​The University of Chicago Medicine

Wai-Lun POON, MD
Chairman, Scientific Subcommittee
Council Member
Hong Kong College of Radiologists

Organizing Committees:

  • The University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong
    Kitty CHONG, Senior Director
  • The University of Chicago Medicine
    Thuong  VAN HA, MD
    Seon-Kyu LEE, MD 
    Jonathan LORENZ, MD
  • Hong Kong College of Radiologists
    Elaine KAN, MD
    Rickie CHENG, MD
    Danny CHO, MD
    Wai-Lun POON, MD

Local Speakers and Moderators:

Rickie CHENG, MD [Bio]
Princess Margaret Hospital

Danny CHO, MD [Bio]
Kwong Wah Hospital

Cheuk-Man CHU, MD [Bio]
Prince of Wales Hospital

Lilian LEONG, MD 
​Hong Kong College of Radiologists

Chau-Mau LEUNG, MD [Bio]
Centre for Health Protection

Deyond SIU, MD [Bio]
Kwong Wah Hospital

Kevin WONG, MD [Bio]
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Overseas Speakers:

Yasuaki ARAI, MD [Bio]
National Cancer Center, Tokyo

Jin-Wook CHUNG, MD [Bio]
Seoul National University Hospital

Brian FUNAKI, MD (via Skype) [Bio]
​The University of Chicago Medicine

Chung-Wei LEE, MD, PhD [Bio]
National Taiwan University Hospital

Seon-Kyu LEE, MD, PhD [Bio]
​The University of Chicago Medicine

Wickly LEE, MD [Bio]
Joint Neurovascular Service
National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore

Po-Chin LIANG, MD [Bio]
National Taiwan University Hospital

Jonathan LORENZ, MD [Bio]
​The University of Chicago Medicine

Stefanie MANACK [Bio]
The University of Chicago Medicine

Kiang-Hiong TAY [Bio]
Singapore General Hospital
National University of Singapore
Duke NUS Medical School Singapore
College of Radiologists Singapore

Thuong VAN HA, MD [Bio]
​The University of Chicago Medicine

Zhiping YAN, MD [Bio]
Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University



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