Yuen Speaker Series — Math Learning Starts Early:  How Families Can Help

How would early interactions in the home environment affect children’s academic achievement? How can parents play their roles in facilitating children’s Math learning? What’s the relation of math anxiety to math achievement in both children and adults? Join us at the coming public lecture by Yuen Visiting Scholar Professor Susan Levine, Chair of Department of Psychology, to find all these out.

Susan Levine is the Rebecca Anne Boylan Professor of Education and Society in the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on the role of early interactions in the home environment on children’s academic achievement.  She will first examine the kinds of interactions that support later reading comprehension and mathematical achievement.  She will then discuss the relation of math anxiety, an all too common condition, to math achievement in both children and adults. She will also share her research on math anxiety in adults and children, including her findings that math anxious adults, including teachers and parents, are less effective in supporting children’s math learning.  Finally, she will show how technology can be used to help math anxious parents support their children’s math learning, cutting the intergenerational transmission of low math achievement and high math anxiety.

Lisa Rosen is the Executive Director of the UChicago Science of Learning Center, of which Professor Susan Levine is Faculty Director. She is the co-author of a recent book on effective elementary schooling for disadvantaged students, entitled,
The Ambitious Elementary School: Its Conception, Design, and Contribution to Educational Equality
(University of Chicago Press, 2017). She will speak before Professor Levine's lecture about the Science of Learning Center and it's three-fold mission: (1) to contribute to understanding the principles and practices that support learning from the earliest ages in formal and informal leaning environments, with a focus on enhancing learning among at-risk populations that often underachieve in traditional settings; (2) to create a model of researcher-practitioner interaction that leads to a feedback loop that enhances research and practice; and (3) to engineer basic research findings to create learning tools that are usable and useful in real world learning environments. She will also briefly discuss a few of the Center's ongoing research and intervention projects, of which Professor Levine's work on early math learning is an example.

Program Rundown

1:30       Registration
2:00      Welcome and Introduction
2:15        Introduction of UChicago Science of Learning Center by Lisa Rosen
2:30       Presentation by Susan Levine
3:15        Discussion/ Q&A
4:00      End



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Pick-up time:     1:15pm 
Pick-up point:    Admiralty MTR Station (outside Café de Coral at Admiralty Centre: Unit C, Shop 42-68, G/F, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty). Please find the map here.


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