Politics and Passions

Through December 20, 2020
Live on Facebook and Youtube

Time: 11:30pm

Organizer: UChicago Center in Delhi

Dec. 19

Join Center in Delhi live for Episode 4 of Chicago Dialogues featuring UChicago Professor Lisa Wedeen. This episode explores what it means to think about passions, affect, and atmospheric solidarities in politics. At what point does politics exceed the calculation of interests?  How do we think about contradictory interests and conflicting fantasy investments when investigating our current political worlds? How can we repurpose ideology to understand its relation to affect? How do visions premised on reasoned judgment and rational deliberation fall short in analyzing the present? How do revolutionary energies and efforts at political retrenchment play out differently in the streets and in cyberspace? How might a theory of democracy look different when passions and polarization are adequately taken into account?

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