Precision Medicine and Mental Health: US-Greater China Region Forum 2019

All day
Through April 17, 2019
Apr 16 - The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong
Apr 17 - The University of Hong Kong

Cost: Free

Apr. 16

Precision medicine is transforming medical practice by optimizing disease prevention and treatment according to an individual’s genetic makeup and other personal characteristics. While it has had greatest success in cancer, precision medicine will eventually be transformative for other fields, including mental health, which has not yet benefited from the most advanced therapeutic technologies. Recent breakthroughs in genome-wide association studies, sequencing projects and other large-scale omics approaches in psychiatry bring enormous opportunities, but there remain important challenges in translating these exciting discoveries into precision diagnostics, prognostications, and interventions. Our understanding of the complex biological links between individual genetic makeup, clinical symptoms, brain and cognitive functions, and environmental exposures remains fragmentary. Overcoming these obstacles will likely require interdisciplinary research and “Big Data” approaches, involving international collaborations between researchers with different resources and expertise. Jointly organized by The University of Chicago and The University of Hong Kong, this forum aims to team up US researchers with leading investigators in the Greater China region to explore effective ways to advance precision psychiatry.

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