Quality and Safety in Imaging Symposium

  • Quality and Safety in Imaging Symposium 2016

  • From Left Dr. Gregory Katzman, Dr. David M. Paushter, Dr. Pek-Lan Khong, Dr. Jennifer Khoo and Dr. Summer Chan

  • Dr Summer Chan from Hospital Authority Hong Kong

9:00 am–4:00 pm
University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong
Level 6, Cyberport Two, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong


Organized by:

  • University of Chicago Department of Radiology
  • University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong
  • The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Conference Chairs:

  • Dr. David Paushter, MD, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Gregory Katzman, MD, MBA, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Pek-Lan Khong, The University of Hong Kong

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jennifer Khoo

  • Chief-of-service, Department of Radiology, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong
  • Chairman of Coordinating Committee in Radiology, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

Dr. Hector Ma

  • Director, Scanning Department, St. Teresa’s Hospital, Hong Kong

Dr. Summer Chan

  • Senior Health Informatician (Clinical Innovation, Quality Assurance & Risk Management), Information Technology & Health Informatics Division, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

The symposium will address issues on optimizing quality management of Radiology Departmental Operations.

Topics includes:

  • Implementing and Integrating Quality Programs
  • Quality and Safety in Radiology: perspectives from the public hospital service in Hong Kong
  • Improving flow and patient throughput: value stream mapping
  • Developing and running a scanning department in a private hospital in Hong Kong for quarter of a century
  • Facilitating practice management/improvement with informatics
  • Information Technology & Health Informatics in the Hong Kong Hospital Authority

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******CME accreditation for College of Radiologists will be applied****

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