Quantum Technology: A New Frontier in Engineering

Through March 31, 2015
University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong

Mar. 30

The workshop will focus on recent scientific and technological advances in new quantum technologies for computing, communication, imaging and sensing. These areas include the use of semiconductors, superconductors, and trapped atoms as the basis for creating, storing and communicationg quantum information for emerging quantum technologies. In addition to progress in experimental research, recent developments in theory including materials modeling, computational techniques, and systems engineering will be presented in the workshop. Topics will include quantum computation and communication, as well as advanced sensing and imaging technologies ranging from single-molecule magnetic resonance imaging to targeted sensing with mobile quantum probes. The workshop aims to bring together experts in these fields from the United States and from the broader academic community in Hong Kong and the region to forge scientific links and collaborations.

Invite Speakers

David Awschalom (U Chicago)
Che Ting Chan (HKUST)
Andrew Cleland (U Chicago)
Xiaodong Cui (HKU)
Shengwang Du (HKUST)
Andrew Dzurak (U New South Wales)
Giulia Galli (U Chicago)
Evelyn Hu (Harvard U)
Vic (Kam Tuen) Law (HKUST)
Ren-bao Liu (CUHK)
John Mamin (IBM Research)
Wang Ning (HKUST)
David Schuster (U Chicago)

For more information: http://mrsec.uchicago.edu/quantum