Summer Program for International High School Students - Arts & Sciences in Hong Kong

Through July 28, 2017
Hong Kong International School in Hong Kong

Jul. 17

Newly added for 2017, Arts & Sciences in Hong Kong program will take place on the Tai Tam campus of the Hong Kong International School in Hong Kong, July 17-28, 2017, Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm (one-hour lunch break).

The 2017 program topic will be Imagining the Modern City, taught by a University of Chicago faculty member.

Imagining the Modern City

Program Code: SUAS 10104 94
Instructors: Larry Rothfield and Victoria Nguyen
Description: The rise of the modern city, whether in the West or in China, makes possible new ways of living, new kinds of people, and new kinds of stories. To appreciate these novelties, we will start by looking at sociologist Georg Simmel’s “The Metropolis and Mental Life”. Then we will explore how writers and filmmakers have tried to capture this experience of city life in different genres (the detective story, romantic comedy, modernist poetry, realism), and from different social perspectives. Texts and films may include Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep; Spike Lee, Do the Right Thing; Woody Allen, Manhattan; Eileen Chang, “Love in a Fallen City”; T.S. Eliot, “The Waste Land”; Gwendolyn Brooks, “We real cool”; James Baldwin, “Sonny’s Blues”; Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway; ; Ridley Scott, Blade Runner; Carol Reed, The Third Man; Sofia Coppola, Lost in Translation.
Imagining the Modern City Syllabus


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