The Asian American Experience – Debunking Model Minority Myths

8:30–9:30 pm
Zoom Webinar

Organizer: UChicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong


Narratives of new immigrant families moving to the United States with dreams of a better future have always been complex. First-generation adjustments to an unfamiliar culture, second-generation complexities of identity, and subsequent generational assimilation issues all pose challenges of integration. No matter how integrated into society the “model minority” may be, they still face discrimination and today even hate crimes.

What does it mean to grow up with the model minority label in the 21st century? How has COVID exacerbate the violence against the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community? How do Asian Americans now navigate the place they call home in new world order?

This episode features Professors Matthew Briones, Yoonsun Choi, and Ellen Wu. Our expert panellists will discuss topics related to anti-AAPI violence and hate in the COVID era, affirmative action in admissions policies, and the persistent spectre of the model minority myth among many other topics.

August 25, 2022
9:30pm     Japan | South Korea
8:30pm      Hong Kong | Beijing | Singapore | Manila
6:00pm      Delhi
2:30pm      Paris
1:30pm      London
7:30am      Chicago


Matthew Briones
Associate Professor of American History and the College
The University of Chicago
*Listen to Professor Briones talk about his career journey to becoming a historian on The Course podcast (Episode 28)!

Yoonsun Choi
Professor of Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice
The University of Chicago

Ellen Wu (PhD'06)
Associate Professor, Department of History
Indiana University

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