The Clash of Views Between Mainland China vs Hong Kong

7:00–8:00 am
Zoom Webinar


Join the Stigler Center for a conversation on these topics with Hong Kong-based author and lawyer Antony Dapiran, moderated by Chicago Booth Professor Zhiguo He.

**The Stigler Center developed the Freedom of Speech: Hong Kong and the Future of US-China Relations webinar series with the intention of facilitating conversations among leading scholars and experts about the implications of the ongoing events in Hong Kong for freedom of speech, US-China relations, and beyond.**

Antony Dapiran
Author, City on Fire: The Fight for Hong Kong

Zhiguo He
Fuji Bank and Heller Professor of Finance and Jeuck Faculty Fellow
Director, Becker Friedman Institute for Economics in China
University of Chicago Booth School of Business

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