The Most Historic U.S. Election in a Generation

8:30–9:30 pm
Zoom Webinar


In the first episode of our four-part U.S. Presidential Election Series, Professor William G. Howell gives an in depth overview of the presidential election process in the U.S. Howell begins with a discussion of the extensive powers held by the president, but also the system of checks and balances that mitigate such powers. Then, Howell gives insight into the history of the presidential nomination process and describes the complexities of the Electoral College system. Howell touches on the political controversy that is mail-in voting before concluding with a look at polling predictions for the upcoming election. Finally, Howell addresses audience members’ questions on topics such as whether there will be a smooth transition of power if Biden is elected and the implications on US-China relations that a Trump reelection might entail.


Professor William G. Howell
Chair, Department of Political Science
Sidney Stein Professor, Harris School of Public Policy
Director, Center for Effective Government, University of Chicago

Co-Author with Terry M. Moe:
'Presidents, Populism, And The Crisis of Democracy'


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