The Politics of Great Power Tragedy: Do Washington and Beijing Understand Their Competition?

8:30–9:30 am
Zoom Webinar

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Organizer: The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong


While the comprehensive view of US-China relations will be best characterized as strategic competition, confrontation and cooperation, what is the future prospect of the bilateral relationship over the short, medium and long term? Will/can China rise peacefully, while the US accommodates to its rise? Or is it the primary goal of American grand strategy to contain China as a 'peer competitor' in an anarchic world system? Do Beijing and Washington really understand each other's competition? Will both countries engage in a new cold war as mutual distrust continue to grow?

Please hear from UChicago Professor John Mearsheimer, a world-renowned international relations scholar on his realist perspective of the relationship, while Robert Daly, a veteran China watcher, will focus on US-China "coopetition" from an humanist approach.


John Mearsheimer
R Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science
University of Chicago

Robert Daly
Director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States
Woodrow Wilson Center


Jessica Bartlett
AmCham HK

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