U.S. Presidential Election

Yuen Campus Series: U.S. Presidential Election

The result of the United States Presidential Election of 2016 shocked the world. With three million fewer popular votes, how was a candidate able win the U.S. Presidential election? Isn’t American democracy about the voice of the people? How does American democracy really work?

The U.S. Presidential Election will help the audience understand the intricacies of U.S. democracy and the American election process. With a focus on tracking events leading up to the Presidential election this November, audience members will learn about the Electoral College, the popular vote, gerrymandering, voter suppression and red, blue and purple states. Our experts will share insights on how the Presidential election can proceed successfully while the American people are fighting the greatest pandemic in a century. They’ll also share insights and implications of a Republican or Democratic Presidential win on issues related to U.S. domestic policy as well as foreign policy, particularly relations with China and the rest of Asia.

Professor William Howell, the Chair of the University of Chicago Political Science Department will kick off the series with a UChicago-style lecture on the U.S. election process. Former UChicago Professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos will discuss the challenges of running this year’s election during the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss gerrymandering and efforts to suppress the vote including mail-in ballots. In a third lecture, UChicago’s own geopolitical expert, Professor John Mearsheimer, will discuss the threat to America’s global primacy and the challenges China will face in establishing regional hegemony in the Asia Pacific Region. 

Finally, just days before the election takes place, Professor Howell and Terry M. Moe from Stanford University, co-authors of the recently released book, ‘Presidents, Populism and the Crisis of Democracy’ will address how Democracy can be preserved despite the growing threat of nationalism and populist leaders throughout the world.  

Join us to understand more about U.S. Democracy and the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

U.S. Presidential Election Schedule

Date Topic
September 10 The Most Historic U.S. Election in a Generation
September 23 Broken Democracy: Election Challenges and Consequences During COVID-19
October 15 The Clash of Great Powers: China’s Rise and the Challenge to U.S. Primacy
October 29 Burning the House Down – A 2020 Election Eve-Reality Check