Through Scientists’ Eyes: The Next 75 Years of Discovery & Impact

8:00 am
Virtual Event

Organizers: Argonne National Laboratory


Seventy-five years ago, Argonne National Laboratory was founded to harness the power of nuclear reactions for peaceful energy purposes. Over the next 75 years, Argonne will continue to drive discoveries and innovations but how will our scientists’ work impact and define our future world?  What does that future look like through their eyes?

Join some of Argonne’s leading scientists as they give us an exciting glimpse into the future of climate change prediction, astrophysics, brain mapping, and diagnosing and treating disease using radioisotopes.


Stephen Streiffer,
Deputy Laboratory Director for Science & Technology
Interim Associate Laboratory Director for Photon Science


Narayanan ​“Bobby” Kasthuri
Neuroscience researcher

Katrin Heitmann
Deputy Division Director, High Energy Physics

Scott Collis
Department Head, Geospatial Computing, Innovations, and Sensing

Dave Rotsch
Deputy Program Manager, Radioisotope Research and Production Program

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