Transplant Ethics: Looking Forward

9:00 am–4:00 pm
Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
HKAM Jockey Club Building
99 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong


Conference Summary:

Transplantation has always pushed the field of ethics to a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the principles of clinical and bioethics.  In this conference, we move past the ethical issues of the past that tainted transplantation in China and start addressing the issues that still challenge ethical principles in China and the United States. Current issues that are being discussed in Hong Kong are the potential introduction of opt out legislation, donation by minors and the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China regarding organ donation, allocation and distribution. 

Using an interactive case-based format, in collaboration with our surgical, medical, and bioethics colleagues in Hong Kong, the specific topics emphasize different approaches to these issues across Western and Chinese cultures.


University of Chicago Medicine
Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

Conference Sponsors:

University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong
University of Chicago Global Surgery
MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics
Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence
University of Chicago Transplant Center


Gilberto K.K. LEUNG, MD
J. Michael MILLIS, MD  

Tentative Rundown:

Session I: Opening Session
Moderator: J. Michael MILLIS, MD

09:00    Welcome and Introductions
09:10     Introduction of Keynote Speaker
09:15      Keynote Speech:
              Ethical Issues in Organ Donation in the U.S.
              Bernard LO, MD
09:45    Ethical Issues on Organ Transplantation in China
              Kelvin K.C. NG, PhD
10:15       Underage Organ Donors – The Hong Kong Controversy
Derrick K.S. AU, MD
10:45      Break

Session II: Consent and Other Legal Issues
Moderator: Peter ANGELOS, MD, PhD

11:00      U.S. Organ Access and Allocation: Here Comes the Judge
              J. Michael MILLIS, MD
11:30       Presumed Consent and Opt-out System for Organ Donation
              Ho-mun CHAN, PhD
12:00      Lunch

Session III: Evolution of Transplantation
Moderator: J. Michael MILLIS, MD 

13:00     The University of Chicago’s Contributions to Transplant Ethics
              Mark SIEGLER, MD
13:30      From Colonial Subjects to Life Presents: The Transformation of Chinese Bodies
              Harry Y.J. WU, MD, PhD
14:00     The Role of Trust in the Surgeon-Patient Relationship
              Peter ANGELOS, MD, PhD
14:30      Break

Session IV: Who should be donors?
14:45      Brain Death and Non-heart-beating Organ Donation
              Gilberto K.K. LEUNG, MD
15:15       Case Presentations and Discussion
              Michael MILLIS, MD
15:45      Wrap up

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