US Federal Reserve Policy: Influence and Impact on Hong Kong, Asia, and the Global Economy

Former US Federal Reserve Governor and Chicago Booth deputy dean Randy Kroszner will lead a thought-provoking discussion on 26 March with Charlie Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. You will hear these current voting members of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) discuss their views on US monetary policy and what they see as key risks to the US economy and the rest of the world. The event is cohosted by the Chicago Economics Society (CES) and will commence with remarks by CES president and founder, Kevin Cheng, AM, '00, PhD, '02 (Economics), adjunct associate professor at the University of Hong Kong. Cheng previously worked for 15 years at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC.

They will also explore the impact balance sheet reduction has had on financial conditions and important issues that the Fed confronts in determining the ultimate size and composition of its balance sheet. This is a rare opportunity in Hong Kong to hear from Federal Reserve leaders whose thinking and decision-making have a direct impact on markets and outcomes around the globe. Register now to learn more about their process and their views on US monetary policy in the near and long term.


If you have any questions, please email CK Han, ’16 (AXP-15).