Virtual Harper Lecture - The Failure of the World’s Richest Countries to Restrain Law Enforcement

8:00–9:00 am
Zoom Webinar

Organizer: Alumni Relations and Development


In June 2021, following an urgent debate in the past year prompted by the police killings of George Floyd and many others, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a report calling on all countries to uproot systemic racism by law enforcement against people of African descent. Join Claudia Flores as she contributes to this critical discussion by sharing a study she conducted of the laws and policies on lethal use of force of the 29 wealthiest countries in the world. Flores found that all directives failed, in some way, to satisfy the basic human rights principles of proportionality, necessity, legality, and accountability. Instead, existing legal frameworks were vague, conflicting, and outdated, indicating a troubling failure of well-resourced states to prioritize clear instructions to law enforcement and transparent accountability to the public.  

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