FY16 Project Summaries

Culture, Society and the Arts

  1. Research trip: Investigating Refugee Adjudications  by Susan Gzesh, The Pozen Family Center for Human Rights (Sep 8, 2016)

  2. Cross-border proxy protest: resisting de-democratization in Chinese regional context by Andrew Junker, Society of Fellows and the College (Jun 2015)

  3. Research trip: Autism-Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by Alan Yu, Department of Linguistics (May, 2015)

Science, Medicine and Public Health

  1. Quantum Technology: A New Frontier in Engineering by David Awschalom, Institute of Molecular Engineering (Mar 30-31, 2015)

  2. Social, Legal and Economic Aspects of Tuberculosis Care and Control Workshop  by Brian Citro, Law School / Evan Lyon, Department of Medicine / Dr. Kiran Pandey, Department of Medicine (Sep 19, 2015)

  3. Innovations in Residency Training in the U.S and Hong Kong  by Renslow Sherer, Department of Medicine (Nov 2, 2015)

  4. Cancer Genomics Conference  by Stephanie Huang, Department of Medicine (Jan 25-26, 2016)

  5. Surgical Ethics: Cross‐cultural Perspectives on an Emerging Field  by Michael Millis, Department of Surgery  (Mar 30, 2016)

  6. Molecular Imaging Instrumentation  by Chin-Tu Chen, Department of Radiology and Committee on Medical Physics (Apr 25-26, 2016)

  7. Group Relations Conference: Authority and Leadership in Recovery from Mental Illness and Addiction  by Jeffrey Roth, Department of Psychiatry (May 18-22, 2016)