FY17 Project Summaries

Culture, Society and the Arts

  1. Research trip: Culture and Identity in Cross-border Protest by Andrew Junker, Department of Social Science (Jun 2016)

  2. The Past for Sale: China’s cultural heritage and the regional antiquities trade by Lawrence Rothfield, Department of English (Feb 2017)

  3. French Poets and Chinese Readers by Haun Saussy, Department of  East Asian Languages & Civilizations (Nov 9, 2016)

  4. Poetry Reading by Srikanth Reddy, Department of English (Nov 10, 2016)

  5. Urban Multilingualism in Hong Kong by Alan Yu, Department of  Humanities/ Linguistics (Mar 17-18, 2017)

Business, Economics & Policy

  1. Research trip: Capital Brokers in Emerging Markets by Kimberly Kay Hoang, Department of  Sociology (Apr - May, 2016)

  2. Improving Corporate Governance in China by Tom Manning, Department of Law (TBC)

  3. Psychology of Abundance by Christopher Hsee (Sep 22, 2016)

Science, Medicine, & Public Health

  1. National Residency Training Symposium by Sherer Renslow, Department of Medicine (TBC)

  2. Cross-cultural perspectives on decision making in medicine and surgery by Michael Millis, Department of Medicine & Surgey (Mar 14-15, 2017)

  3. Total Quality Management Optimization of Radiology Departmental Operations: Quality, Lean, Safety, and Business Intelligence Analytics by Gregory L. Katzman & David M. Paushter, Department of Radiology (Oct 29, 2016)