Remote Learning Programs Offered by UChicago

June 4, 2020

UChicago is offering 3  eight-week remote learning courses that you can apply for now. Through these remote learning sessions, you will have an opportunity to grow your professional network and interact with University instructors and your classmates.

Programs include:

  • Behavioral Finance
    Learn how human nature impacts money management strategies and financial decision-making with our eight-week, remote learning Behavioral Finance course.
  • AI and Data Science for Leaders
    Technical teams working with artificial intelligence (AI) need to understand how to develop strategic plans to manage change. Learn how to create a strategy for your organization that makes use of AI to accomplish business goals with our eight-week remote learning program, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders.
  • Healthcare Informatics
    Are you interested in bridging the gap between data science and patient care? The University of Chicago's eight-week remote learning healthcare informatics program will provide you with a broad overview of the industry and help you to understand the challenges of health and technology from a global perspective.

Find out more about remote learning programs offered by UChicago HERE.