UChicago Medicine International Newsletter Vol. 7 / February, 2019

March 1, 2019

The history of organ transplantation began at UChicago Medicine, when a University of Chicago doctor performed the first animal organ transplant, which later earned him the Nobel Prize in 1904. Since then, several transplant firsts occurred at UChicago Medicine. Most recently, our transplant team made history after performing two triple-organ transplants within 27 hours. We continue to strive to be a world leader in organ transplantation. In the seventh volume of UChicago Medicine International Newsletter, we are excited to share most recent, touching transplantation stories.

In addition, many education programs offered by UChicago Medicine are lined up not only in Chicago but also at UChicago Centers in Beijing and Hong Kong during the spring seasons. Please check the upcoming events from this newsletter and find the most relevant courses for you.

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