Yuen Campus Hong Kong First Anniversary: Witnessing a year of partnership and community engagement on the magnificent Treehouse of Knowledge

December 20, 2019

The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong held an open house with over 200 enthusiastic guests toasting its first anniversary. A wide array of programs for all ages were planned for alumni, students and their families. Alumni were excited to reconnect with their classmates and young alumni were amazed to see several generations of families and alumni altogether! 


The celebration was kicked off with the story of ‘Treehouse of Knowledge’, the design concept by architect Bing Thom that has brought more than ten prestigious international awards in its first year. Adding to these accolades, Executive Director Mark Barnekow (MBA ’88), proudly shared that campus team had worked with over 30 university partners to deliver more than 50 programs, conferences, public lectures and events, bringing nearly 6,000 people to the campus. “The University as one, is the gateway to 4.6 billion people in Asia. We are deeply thankful to the support of Francis and Rose Yuen who have made significant faculty participation on campus possible, and has lead to a significant increase in internship opportunities in Asia,” said Mark. 

“University leadership is strongly committed to Hong Kong and China and we have accomplished a lot in the past year.” said Francis Yuen (AB ’75), University Trustee. “With the encouragement of Rose, I will continue to support the campus and we are confident about its future growth and prosperity.”

“It is gratifying to be on this magnificent campus with its treasured architectural design. And it’s even more gratifying to witness the high-quality programs and workshops that the University has brought to students, alumni, and more importantly, to all members of the community,” Rose Yuen added. “Many participants have become regular supporters of our public lectures and good friends of the University. In addition to our world-class EMBA and overseas programs, this campus is here to serve the people of Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region, with the full breadth of faculty and research capabilities of the University of Chicago.” 

The Yuen Campus has received over 600 students, 100 interns, 70 faculty, 3,500 heritage tour visitors, and thousands of conference delegates and event participants. Since the launch of the Yuen Visiting Scholars Program in early 2019, twelve Yuen Scholars from the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, the Harris School of Public Policy, the Booth School of Business, UChicago Medicine, the Oriental Institute, the Marine Biological Laboratory, and the departments of Psychology, Linguistics, Physics, Sociology, and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, to name a few, have visited Hong Kong to give public talks and explore a deeper, more meaningful partnership with institutions in Hong Kong. 

The Yuen Campus First Anniversary Open House was held on 30 November 2019. Click here for the event photos. The slideshow "It’s Our First Anniversary" is a collection of photographs of events supported by the Yuen Campus since its grand opening and captures amazing campus scenes showcasing its architectural significance.