The first On Board conference in Hong Kong will be held Monday, February 5, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui (K11, 18 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon).

See below for the agenda, as well as session details. Please note, from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m., attendees will choose one of three breakout sessions to attend.

Registration for the first On Board conference in Hong Kong will begin at 11 a.m.

Join us for a lunch buffet to kick off the On Board conference.

Join Shalini Mahtani, cofounder of the Zubin Foundation, for the keynote address at the first On Board conference in Hong Kong. The Zubin Foundation works to shed light on enduring barriers to fairness and opportunity in Hong Kong and designs solutions through policy recommendations and interventions. The foundation focuses on issues related to ethnic minority welfare and patient welfare.

Speaker: Shalini Mahtani, Founder of The Zubin Foundation, Hospital Advisor, and Community Business

More and more NGOs are looking beyond traditional metrics toward new ways of collecting and analyzing information about constituent participation and engagement. A cohesive analytics strategy can help an organization quantify its success for key stakeholders and funders. In this session, you will learn the basics of big data analytics and explore how to apply quantitative measurement techniques at your organization.

Speaker: Dr. Michael Chau, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Hong Kong

Enjoy tea, snacks, and conversation with your fellow attendees.

NGOs in Hong Kong and beyond find that attracting high impact board members is a perpetual challenge. NGO leaders grapple with the paradox that influential people with deep experience and extensive networks are also extremely busy. Understanding the unique motivations, fears, and preferences of these "dream board members" is essential to recruiting them to your board. This high energy, interactive session will help you analyse the unique needs of this sought-after demographic and develop a strategy to identify, cultivate, and attract high impact board members.

Speakers: Kelvin Cheung, COO, The GoodLab, and CEO at UnLtd Hong Kong
Duke Malan, Partner, HilburgMalan

NGOs face pressures from every direction: sourcing funds, finding talented staff, defining their mission, and embracing innovation. Working together, board members and full-time staff can help their organization navigate these activities, while keeping the mission of the organization top of mind. In this panel session, you will learn what leaders at high-performing organizations are doing right and their advice for avoiding common pitfalls.

Speakers: Edward Ho, ’95, Managing Director, Wells Fargo Asset Management, and Chairman of the Board, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong
Agnes Tai, ’81, Director, Great Glory Investment Corporation
Wai Yee Lam, Director, Pontis Partners

Moderator: Will Gossin, Senior Associate Director, Chicago Booth

Once defined by efforts to increase the number of individuals from underrepresented groups in leadership positions, diversity programs have broadened to focus on inclusion. Diversity and inclusion efforts today endeavor to actively engage individuals from different backgrounds at all levels. The notion is simple: the best ideas emerge when an organization embraces individuals with different views and experiences. In the social sector, a board of directors that lacks diversity risks missing or mishandling issues of critical importance to the organization’s work and the people it serves.  This panel will discuss the benefits of diversity and inclusion practices and will equip attendees with tools to make these tenets central, lasting features of their organization’s board culture.

Speakers: Peter Williams, ’10, Business Treasury Head, Citi Institutional Clients Group, Asia Pacific
Fern Ngai, CEO, Community Business
Fiona Nott, CEO, The Women's Foundation

Moderator: Cecilia L.W. Chan, Si Yuan Professor of Health and Social Work, The University of Hong Kong

Motivating employees in nonprofits and social enterprises may seem easy – they are usually passionate about the mission. Unfortunately, life is never so easy. Nonprofit employees often focus too much on some tasks and objectives relative to others. Nonprofit boards may experience similar issues with their EDs/CEOs. Why do these problems occur, and what might be done about them?

In this session, Michael Gibbs, AB '84, AM '84, PhD '89, Clinical Professor of Economics at Chicago Booth, discusses these questions and insights gleaned from for-profits.

On Board will close with a networking reception.