Study Abroad

  • Discovering Singapore with walking tour and museum visits

  • Welcome and Orientation at the Center in Hong Kong

  • Gift exchange with HKU student ambassadors.

Since Spring 2015, the University of Chicago has been hosting the undergraduate study abroad program in Hong Kong. The 10-week program, entitled “Hong Kong: Colonizations,” includes three Civilizations courses and one Chinese language course, and it fulfills the undergraduate core Civilizations requirement.

Students in the program will explore themes of colonialism and colonization as they relate to Hong Kong and Asia more broadly, considering the dynamics of conquest, slavery, colonialism and their reciprocal relationships with concepts such as resistance, freedom and independence. In addition to classroom instruction, the program will offer a number of excursions to sites of historical and cultural interest, and will include hands-on projects encouraging interaction with local people and institutions. Participants explore the dynamics of conquest, slavery, colonialism, and their reciprocal relationships with concepts such as resistance, freedom, and independence, with an eye toward understanding their interlocking role in the making of the modern world. Participants will also take a language course, which runs at a normal pace throughout the quarter and is designed to help students connect with Chinese culture.

Exploring Asia with Study Abroad in Hong Kong

This Spring, 20 students spent their exciting and unforgettable nine weeks in Hong Kong for their Study Abroad Program on ‘Colonization’. They studied Cantonese or Advanced Mandarin, and had excursions to Singapore and Macau. Thanks to a new partnership, they also had an opportunity to engage with student ambassadors from the University of Hong Kong. Everyone had so much fun exploring not just Hong Kong but a lot of other neighboring cities in Asia.

‘I climbed Victoria Peak in Hong Kong! I went on a boat cruise in Singapore! I had a picnic in South Korea! I rode elephants and pet tigers in Thailand! I went white water tubing in Malaysia! I had the time of my life!’ -  Laura Anderson, Study Abroad 2016

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