Study Space On Campus

Study Space on Campus – For Currently Registered Students Only

To support the educational efforts of students and with the approval of the UChicago leadership, the University of Chicago Yuen Campus is open for student self-study use between the hours of 8 am to 12 am, throughout the week (including public holidays).

All currently registered students, undergraduate, and graduate can now access Campus space for individual or group study purposes.

Non Booth AXP students:

  • Prior reservation is not required for Hong Kong-based students.
  • Students are encouraged to email Gigi Yan at, Program Coordinator, before visiting the Campus to ensure space is available.
  • When visiting the Campus, students will need to verify their UChicago student status by showing their UChicago Student ID card.

Booth AXP students:

  • Prior reservation is not required for Hong Kong-based students.
  • For Non Hong Kong-based students, please contact AXP Student Life and Program Operations Office at for details prior to visiting the Campus.
  • When visiting the Campus, students will be able to tap their Yuen Campus Building Access Card on the Campus main entrance door’s security system panel to gain access into the Campus building.
  • There will be no access to the Campus building if students do not bring their Yuen Campus Building Access Card unless they have special approval from the AXP Student Life and Program Operations Office.

As a prerequisite, all students planning to use the Campus spaces will need to complete the University's online COVID-19 Health Requirements Attestation Form at as well as the Yuen Campus in Hong Kong's Attestation Form at

Upon arrival on campus, students will also need to complete the check in and check out procedures at the Campus entrance.

Please note that capacity is limited and that the Campus may not be able to satisfy all requests for study rooms. Study rooms are available on a first come first served basis. There may be certain dates when the Campus cannot accommodate self-study visits because it is pre-booked for other programs, events, activities, or the study spaces are filled.

In accordance with the public health requirements and guidance from the HK government and University, we require all students to wear face masks and keep a social distancing of 1 meter when present at the Campus, while not drinking or eating. Students may consume food and beverages individually in the study group room, or in the student lounge with 1.5-meter social distancing.

We understand this is an uncertain and challenging time for our students and their families. The Yuen Campus in Hong Kong is working hard to support the University community in Hong Kong, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation in this process. We will continue to monitor local government and University safety requirements and may adjust our facility planning, on-site safety precautions, and access hours accordingly.