Yuen Speaker Series

The Yuen Speaker Series is a compilation of talks that UChicago faculty members contributed to as part of the Yuen Visiting Scholars Program. Topics range from science & technology to liberal arts, health care, and education. These talks are held on the Yuen Campus and open to the general public's attendance, but they are also available online here for viewing. 

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Yuen Scholars and Lectures:

Nov 12, 2019 The After-life of “Before Confucius"
Professor Edward Shaughnessy

Oct 25, 2019 We Start Here: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago at 100
Professor Christopher Woods & Dr Jean M. Evans

Oct 16, 2019 Wrong Diagnosis : A Modern Paradox and Calamity
Dr. Scott Stern

Sep 16, 2019 How New Technology Provides Insight into the Lives of Urban-dwelling Older Adults
Professor Kathleen Cagney

Aug 14, 2019 FinTech and Blockchain in China
Professor Zhiguo He

Mar 31, 2019 Math Learning Starts Early: How Families Can Help
Dr Susan Levine

Mar 24, 2019 New Neighbors? Migration, Multilingualism and the Modern City
Professor Lenore Grenoble